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I’m delighted to introduce one of the recent projects I had the opportunity to work on: the website for the architectural firm of Maria Pantou: .

Maria Pantou is a dedicated architect whose firm stands out for its detailed research and planning in every project. Her work reflects a deep passion for architecture and design, with each project being viewed as a product of intensive studies and research focused on the specific requirements of her clients.

A Glimpse at the Website

Upon first visiting the website, it’s evident that professionalism and clarity are paramount. The navigation is intuitive, guiding visitors through various sections such as “Home”, “News”, “The Office”, “Services”, “Projects”, and “Contact”.

The main page emphasizes the importance of detailed research and planning in every project the firm undertakes. Some of the highlighted services include “Architectural Studies & Supervisions”, “Mapping”, “Renovations, Space Reconfigurations”, “Legalizations of Unauthorized Constructions”, “Licensing of Tourist Accommodations”, and “Design of Passive Buildings”.

My Approach

In designing this website, my aim was to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The clear structure and modern design reflect the precision and attention to detail that Maria Pantou brings to her architectural projects.

The website also utilizes modern web technologies and adheres to best practices for user-friendliness and SEO. This ensures that it not only looks good but also operates efficiently and can be easily found by potential clients.

Final Thoughts

It was a pleasure collaborating with Maria Pantou and realizing her vision for a professional and representative online presence. The support from the ΕΣΠΑ grant played a significant role in bringing this project to fruition. I’m proud to add this project to my portfolio and look forward to more exciting collaborations in the future.

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