It's a... Website! :)

It’s a … Website! 😜

Hello World!

It happened, I relaunched my own website! After long time I finally got around to work on my own website, “thanks to Covid”. Aaaaand…. le voilà, is (re)born.

Politicians around the world are forcing all of us to stay at home, to work from home and all of this without any useful scientifically based evidence for this so-called pandemic. But… that is a completely different topic and needs another discussion elsewhere. Since this way of life will probably keep us busy for a long time, the necessity of digital business is becoming more and more important, if not to say imperative.

Regardless of whether it is about classic retail stores or startup companies that rely entirely on the digital distribution of their products and services, business without the online channel is simply indispensable.

And it’s not just business. Because of the new way of life, new ways of social interaction and education are also developing.

I work with big brands and agencies. With my services, however, I would like to support small companies and startups in particular on their way into the digital world. Let’s be honest, everyone loves the underdog and would like to be a part of a garage startup success story! 😉

So when you’re ready to step into the digital world, don’t hesitate to contact me. Always keep in mind, … “big things have small beginnings”. 🚀

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